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At TKOfx, we possess a deep understanding of the artistic process, allowing us to seamlessly integrate art into any environment. We thoughtfully consider essential elements such as architecture, lighting, and ambiance to achieve a harmonious fusion. Through close collaboration with our clients, we bring their visions to life, paying meticulous attention to detail and providing comprehensive progress reports throughout the process. Our ultimate goal is to create art installations and activations that evoke emotions, inspire awe, and seamlessly blend with their surroundings, leaving a lasting impact on those who enter the space.

Our team of highly skilled artisans combines artistic vision with innovative techniques, consistently pushing the boundaries of creativity to craft bespoke art fabrications. With our expertise in project management and coordination, we handle logistics and installation with the utmost care, ensuring flawless execution. Allow us the privilege of turning your artistic vision into a tangible reality, transforming what's in your imagination into timeless masterpieces.

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Ideation & Design

Unlock the full potential of your ideas through our expert guidance, where the art of effective conceptualization merges with the creation of stunning immersive designs. With our dedicated team at your side, your artistic vision will truly come to life, resulting in outcomes that are visually captivating and deeply meaningful.

Fabrication & Engineering

At the core of our team, skilled artisans and craftsmen collaborate to transform your artistic vision into functional and structurally sound artworks. Experience the convergence of innovation and technical expertise as we develop comprehensive plans, conduct thorough site studies, and optimize every aspect of your project.

Installation & Oversight

Distinguished by our team's mastery of logistics, expert project management, seamless on-site coordination, and impeccable installations, we stand out from the rest. We guarantee the creation of captivating art installations that not only enrich the space but also captivate and mesmerize the audience, leaving a lasting impression.

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Our clients are incredible! We are grateful for the privilege of working with outstanding companies and individuals, many of whom have become cherished friends over time. Our commitment is to partner with exceptional organizations and individuals who share our core values of integrity, excellence, and innovation. If you resonate with our values and believe in the power of synergy, we're excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you. Together, we can explore innovative solutions, create a lasting impact, and achieve remarkable milestones. Your vision combined with our expertise can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

Dana Beatty

Executive Director

TKOfx injects a burst of creative energy into every project. Their mastery of large-scale custom fabrication and commitment to quality make them our go-to team for immersive art displays year after year. TKOfx truly rocks!

Annelle Despaignes

Production Designer

Whether fashioning one-of-a-kind NFL collectible badges or crafting imaginative Emmy-themed designs for our yearly soirée, TKOfx consistently raises the bar. They've solidified their position as my preferred creative vendor, not only for the quality of their output but also for the sheer enjoyment of collaborating with their team. When it comes to branding through custom fabrication, TKOfx is our hero.

Bill Lopatto

Senior Vice President

TKOfx stands out with their blend of creative ingenuity and impeccable execution. They continuously exceed our expectations, going the extra mile to ensure MGM Studios shines at its absolute best.

Andres Garcia

Executive Director of Horticulture

TKOfx impressed us with their ability to deliver quality, imaginative work while staying within our budget and meeting deadlines. Working with Heather and Troy was a pleasure; their professionalism and fun approach made the collaboration effortless. Their dedication to follow through on promises made our job significantly more manageable and contributed greatly to the project's success.

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