TKOfx provides fresh creative with solid execution.
let's make your brand resonate with it's audience.
We engineer WOW and generate excitement.

We aren’t satisfied till you are

TKOfx was the natural evolution of an overabundance of creativity that could no longer be contained by its co-founders, Heather Katz and Troy Thompsen. In 2009, during the country’s economic downturn, they were still fortunate to be producing art and accessories for the hospitality industry when they were asked to do something more out of the box than any of their previous creations. TKOfx launched with an animatronic 16′ high (yet otherwise realistic) rabbit which graced the focal point of the Palazzo Atrium in Las Vegas. From that moment on, TKOfx imagined, designed and fabricated immersive environments with over the top artistic creations for four and five star hospitality properties. 

Using artisans, engineers and fabricators from around the globe, TKOfx brings together the right talent for any kind of project. 



If you can imagine it, we can create it.


Phone: 702.942.3250
4730 South Fort Apache Rd, Suite 300 
Las Vegas, Nevada 89147-7947 
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